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Unified for a Brighter Future

The boundaries of Ultra Group aren’t rigid or fixed. We remain receptive to our clients’ requirements, ready to adapt and expand when a promising idea emerges to address those needs. Rather than simply integrating it into the company, we encircle it, allowing the idea and the passion behind it to guide our actions. With our worldwide influence and grassroots commitment, we ensure it has the space to flourish independently and evolve into something greater. By embracing this approach, we not only foster growth for the idea itself but also add another entity to our roster, all dedicated to shaping a brighter future.

We make a difference

As Ultra Group expands with each exceptional company it adds, the very essence of these companies is rooted in individuals who bring passion, achievement, and teamwork to their roles daily. We strongly advocate for a collaborative approach, where we push, challenge, and support one another to consistently deliver the caliber of work our clients have come to expect. By combining our strengths, we surpass expectations, ensuring a future that exceeds even our highest aspirations.

Why Choose Us?

What’s our main strength?

At Ultra Group we enable great people to build the next generation of successful consulting companies. The team behind Ultra Group possess a high level of experience and expertise to support all companies which share a similar mission; to operate a successful consulting business.

Ultra Group consists of accomplished people who have enabled us to grow and build a trademark in the ecosystem of candidates as well as in the field of partners and customers. We are constantly working on improving the quality of Ultra Group.

What’s our vision?

The vision and goal of Ultra Group is to become one of the top role models of how a consulting business shall be operated to optimize the balance between fulfilled co-workers, customer satisfaction as well as respected financial metrics.

At Ultra Group, we are carefully planning for the long term and are highly committed to become the trademark of a premier consulting business. This is a trademark that we do not only put in words, but also in action.

Why we are different?​

Ultra Group is not an ordinary consulting company. Ultra Group offers a new model of consultancy business with its collaboration concept as well as nurturing sub-contractors and official partners.

Our partner companies are led by human-centric leaders who prioritize their people. We’ve created a company culture centred on human-centric values, where people matter more than just profits.

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